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In 2016, while working at a local news station in Knoxville, TN, an ad to submit a short horror film to the Knoxville Horror Film Festival instantly inspired August Aguilar to want to create his own horror film.  ​


August and his father, Frank Aguilar, began brainstorming ideas for a short horror film. This collaboration was the beginning of a long term creative partnership with father and son. Their first collaborative short film, "There's Something Down The Road" was screened at the Knoxville Horror Film Festival and thus jump started the beginning of Strange Films. Strange Films is a collection of stories, characters, and products that are aimed to appeal to mass audiences. 

Currently, Strange Films proudly has proudly produced over a dozen original short films that have been screened around the country. Films like “CENTER CITY”, “Pandora", and “Subject”, going on to become award winning films that continue to engage audiences at screenings.

The Strange Films production team is an open source collaborative measure that enjoys working with musicians, artists, other filmmakers, small businesses, and friends and family alike to create original productions as well as produce others content. 

Strange Films aims to work with local communities and help host and sponsor events, as well as teach workshop classes, support fundraisers, and share support for creatives and individuals of all ages. 


Recently Strange Films has tapped into the comic book genre by adapting some of their most popular horror films: “Cindy’s Birthday Party” and "Passenger", into a comic book. These projects was over funded on Kickstarter in 6 days! , Both comic books can be currently found in comic book stores in Knoxville, TN, and Philadelphia, PA.


​Moving forward with new ideas, convention shows, and expanding the lure of Strange Films, we hope to continue to engage with each fan and supporter alike.

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