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Since we began the journey of Strange Films, we have always been inspired by the plethora of talented musicians who create original material and share it to the world. It has been, and always will be, our mission to work with as many of these creators and collaborate, share, support, and ultimately create something together. For all of our films, we reach out to dedicated musicians who would want to be a part of the production and create either an original song for the project, or score the soundtrack.

So as most probably are unaware of these endeavors and the musicians we work with, we wanted to take a moment to show you (and listen to) some of the amazing talents we've worked with.


Echoes of B.C.

Echoes of B.C. has worked with us since 2018 with our short film, "My Good Neighbor", providing an electronic industrial mixed song that matched the chaos of our character and scene. It was a very fun, quick, and scary sounding piece that he did, but ultimately it was only the beginning of our collaboration. Since then, the artist has made a number of different original electronic mixed songs, each based off a film of ours and actually sampling snippets of dialogue or moments of the film into the music. It's quite fascinating, and it's also a lot of fun! Each song is available to stream on our YouTube channel, but we hope get these tracks on a physical CD or other platform some day. Take a listen to one of our favorites below, based off our film "Subject" titled: "Anybody See T-Bone?"



Airways is an alternative rock trio from South Philadelphia who we had the pleasure working with back in 2018 for our film, "The Woman". When putting together this production, we were really thrilled with the idea of having an all-star female cast as the main focus of this film. To accompany this idea, we wanted to have a female singer/songwriter to collaborate with us and provide an original song for the film if possible. When we stumbled upon Airways, the lead singer/songwriter Sanna, had not only a beautiful voice but a wonderful soul that was instantly easy to connect to. So after putting our heads together, Sanna and the band wrote and recorded an original song inspired by our film called, "Into The Night", and it sounds like a mainstream tune you would hear on the radio or on TV! After plugging this song into our film, we made an official music video for the song that actually ties the film and events after it together. Check out the song below:


Whiskey Effect

Another band hailing from South Philly, this garage rock band though technically didn't write an original song for us, but did provide us their entire catalog of music to score our film "Butch". In this production, we used a handful of their songs to provide the complete soundtrack to the film and it fits perfectly. The energy between our whacky film and the upbeat music syncs together so well, we had a blast working with them and sharing this production together. Once the film was released, we shot a music video for one of their songs that was featured in the film titled, "My Heart Will Be Found", and it even features the character Butch from the film! Check out the video below:


Mike Raymond Jr.

Mike Raymond Jr., is an extraordinary and gifted musician, and even more so being so young. At the time we worked with Mike, he was only 15 years old, scoring a highly sophisticated and entertaining selection of music for our film, "CENTER CITY" in 2017. Still, to this day, the opening soundtrack to the film gives us goosebumps and wakes everyone up when they start the film. His talents wrote these songs and played the instruments himself, recording it and allowing us to use them. They are simply beautiful, and we wish we could work with him again in the future. His recent accomplishments has him playing all around the city of Philadelphia and performing heavily with the School of Rock. He is now getting ready to attend college! Listen to his score featured in the opening of "CENTER CITY", here.


Mass Driver

Our longest relationship and collaboration, we continue to work and hang out with Mass Driver to this day with everything we do. Since 2016, we've produced a number of different music videos for the band, recorded an entire live concert, launched Kickstarter projects together, hosted events, streamings, anything and everything you can think of. We've featured their music in a few of our films such as "There's Something Down The Road" and "Subject", and we've even had a couple of the band member act in our productions as well. We're really grateful with the relationship we have with them, and even more so for the friendship. In the future, you can expect to see much more of their name with many of the things we do. For now, check out the most recent music video we did for them and their song, "Power Klaw"!


Strange Gods

A recent endeavor and collaboration that we are more than excited to pursue, having the word STRANGE is awesome enough! Strange Gods is an Appalachian hard rock band that has been operating for only a short time but have the passion for not only music, but art and films as well. When we first spoke with them, they were very kind and big fans of our work. So the question arose to work together, and so it began. The collaboration started by the band writing, recording, and releasing an original new song based off our film "Passenger", and our character The Stranger. This heavy rock song is a tidal wave of energy, and we were really excited to have inspired them to make it happen. You can find their music on all streaming platforms. Check out the announcement trailer featuring the song though and look out for future projects with us and the band.

Chance Lawson

Chance Lawson is another young man with an extraordinary amount of talent. I've known Chance since I was young of age, and as we've grown up his talents and musical ability continues to surprise me each time I hear him. Back in 2017, Chance had written, composed, and recorded three original songs for an indie drama I made called, "The Sound of You & Me". This marks the first time we've collaborated, and since he has helped us with various events as well as supporting him with all of his endeavors. His newest band, Donnie and The Dry Heavers, is another group that we plan to work closely with and continue to support. Check out his solo work and his band on all streaming platforms, and listen to his original music in our film here:


Blake Hall

It is worth mentioning one of our most important assets on our team, which is our friend, supporter, Actor, and Music Composer, Blake Hall! Blake joined the team back in 2018, and since then he has done a number of projects with us including back up shoots on numerous music videos, acting in "My Good Neighbor", scoring complete soundtracks to films such as "The Woman" and "Pandora", and help maintaining and operating our media outlet, Strange News. A director himself as well, Blake's love and passion for stories, filmmaking, music, and people, all inspire him to create original and wonderful music. Check out some of his latest work in the sizzle reel we made recently showcasing Strange Films.

Blake Hall behind the scenes of Pandora


As we continue on with our journey, we will find more and more musicians to work with and excited to support with their own endeavors. When we work with new Creators, we plan to showcase and inform you right here at Strange News. Until then, check out their work, listen to some music, and of course...STAY STRANGE.

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