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The BRKN New Single - "Be Cool"

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

On July 28th, the BRKN released their new single "Be Cool". This song delivers with its heavy guitar, driving bass, energetic drums and thought provoking lyrics. The band consists of Jacob Cade (guitar, synth), Mike Bokenkamp (drums) and MJ Younkers (guitar).

The band officially formed in early 2019. It was immediately a busy year for them, as it consisted of plenty of touring and recording. Their debut album, No. 3, was success (consisting of over 125k Spotify streams). The album delivered on plenty of pop/punk charm, strong guitar work and sing along hooks. The song "Broke" was especially a big hit for the band.

With "Be Cool", BRKN switches gears from their signature pop punk sound into something more pop rock. The sound is heavier, featuring more hard hitting rhythms, intense energy and a unique sound. This is one of the most confident songs the band has released to date. It's a sound which is great for summer as well as it potentially hints at plenty more to come from the band. With a sense of attitude and strong production qualities, frontman Cade delivers charisma within every moment.

Anybody who enjoys honest songwriting and energetic performances in their music will be right at home here.

Watch The Video Here:

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