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Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Jay Ratinoff is here to bring a fresh take on the sound of 80's rock with his debut EP song, “Run Away”. Featuring massive bass, big guitars, and monstrous drums, this is a song which takes plenty of influence from bands of the 80's such as The Cure and Gangs Of Four as well as punk bands such as The Sex Pistols. What “Run Away” does is takes in retro influence while bring a fresh soundscape to the table for modern times. The song offers plenty of fresh and unique hooks. The electronic backdrop sounds massive and impactful.

“The inspiration behind the songs came from wanting to take a different direction in my music. I wanted to remove the safety net and try something I hadn’t done before.” “This feels new because of the approach. I was all about being open, unique and experimental", says Ratinoff.

Previously, Ratinoff was a Latin pop musician known as Joaquin Torres. However he switched gears in 2019, as he got baptized with the surname of his mother. As Ratinoff claimed,

“Right before I took a trip to Mexico to write music, I had my baptism. It was important for me to be baptized again and turn the page on the next chapter. It was a rebirth of a lot of things.”

Check out the full video here:

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