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"Nothing In The World Feels Better" - Whole Damn Mess

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

“It’s like we’re making records for the teenage versions of ourselves. It goes back to the moment you saw your first concert, heard your first live band fire up, and looked up at the lights and said, ‘Holy fucking shit, I need to do this for the rest of my life’. It’s something every musician has felt. That’s the feeling we want to share.” – Whole Damn Mess .

That's exactly the passion the band captures with this song. For those passionate about music, it has a sound quality that's meant to awaken that feeling of discovering music for the first time.

"“This moment could be as good as any moment you’re ever going to get, and it could be the last,” Katz explains. “So, nothing in the world is better than that.”

Los Angeles based band "Whole Damn Mess" packs a punch with its great energy and songwriting. The band consists of Don Miggs, C. Todd Nielsen, Lawrence Katz and Greg Hansen. The collaborative songwriting style and connection makes the band a genuine standout. All of these members are lifelong friends. Miggs has collaborated with artists such as Billy Corgan and Mick Fleetewood. Katz is the guitarist for The Mighty Mighty BossTones, while Nielsen and Hansen have another side project called Floyd Wonder.

"Everybody has an individual skillset, yet all of those cross over. We're not four carbon copies by any stretch of the imagination. We all bring something to the table that will push and inspire each other. That's what makes the Whole Damn Mess work.", says Katz.

Prior to this, the band dropped a full length album "The Queen And The Outcast" in 2018, only to release "The Princes Turn To Thieves" in 2019.

We stopped trying to be something for everyone, and we’re trying to be everything for someone” says Miggs.

As crazy of a world as we're currently living in, this is an opportune time for the Whole Damn Mess and their irresistible energy.

"We've never lived in a better time and it's never been more chaotic. We are a respite from the challenges of being upright and a deep look at the everyday struggles, yet still standing up and saying, "let's do this", says Miggs.

Check these guys out; they chose a perfect time to release this song!

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