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Monotronic - "Kids Of Summer"

On July 19th, 2020, Monotronic released their latest single, "Kids Of Summer". The song has a electro pop tone with a unique retro twist. Ramsey Elkholy, the mastermind of the band, has always crafted songs which are difficult to categorize into a singular genre. The song has a raw approach which offers a unique take on electro pop with a retro twist. The song has numerous synth melodies merged with a driving beat which makes for an irresistible groove.

In every sense of the word, the song is a true summertime jam. The beat evokes unique soundscapes as the song gets into youth oriented themes. The song is essentially about the endless possibilities available to the youth seeking to seize the moment. Curiosity and an overwhelming urge to experience the world are certainly the themes that go into the song. Anybody who can understand that feeling will certainly enjoy this song.

"I traveled pretty consistently for most of my 20's, lived in other countries, and have always tried to stay open to new experiences." Elkholy says. "Later as an anthropologist, my research interests led me to the jungles of Indonesia, where I lived for two years, mostly taking notes and observing the people I was living among, basically trying to be a fly on the wall. That's something that will always stay with me, that curiosity of the world and other people."

"The song is about the seemingly endless possibilities we experience in our youth, this feeling that anything is possible."- Ramsey Elkholy

Watch the video here:

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