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Love (2020, Radio Free Universe)

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

Radio Free Universe recently released their brand new album LOVE, which has come around at just the right time to deliver a powerful message. Consisting of George Panagopoulos (vocals/guitar), Kenny Thor Corke (bass), Adam Neumann (guitar), Ashton Norman (drums) and Vincent Sciara (keys), the band comes together to blend soundscapes of rock, funk and pop along with a relevant message. What the album ultimately communicates is that where humanity ends up depends entirely on one’s ability to possess love for ourselves and love for others.

“Love Right Now” kicks the album off with a statement which communicates that we must possess a light of love within when everything is crumbling down. The world immediately needs to be healed with love. Empathy is a powerful tool in a time when we must rely on ourselves and others to get through these tough times. Seeing that this song was written before our current global crisis, Panagopoulos foreshadowed the state of things as they currently are. As Panagopoulos says, “I’m realizing what I need to do is be more inclusive and understand why others have the ideas they do—even though I disagree with them. It comes down to seeing the humanity in others, listening and accepting them.” This is a fantastic song, which greatly showcases the range and diverse style within the band. “Star Child” brings a psychedelic pop touch, which is a dedication to eternal love. The song is all around very soothing and gentle. “Circle” is also an homage dedicated to eternal love, which Panagopoulos dedicates to his wife. The song is also very soothing and gentle.

“She’s High Again” is a devastating moment which regards a narrative of loving and leaving a drug addict. There are times when great love will lead to great pain. Despite the devastating subject matter, the song is very groovy. “Even Angels” is a ballad which features an excellent vocal performance, as Panagopoulos truly shines here. “Divided We Will Fall” is a celebration to coming together during hard times. When everything else is taken away from us, love within and love for others is ultimately all we have to show for ourselves. “All Or Nothing Time” features another fantastic soaring vocal performance. “Sleep Will Come” concludes the album with a closer which assures us that the dark days will not last forever. We will get through this as along as we possess love for ourselves and others as well as faith in the universe.

Radio Free Universe displays a personality completely original to them. This shows in both the musicianship as well as the lyrics. The music can be intense as much as it can be soft. The guitar work sounds ethereal and Panagopoulos vocals often soar. The album is a wonderful testament to the power of love which we are all capable of possessing. This is a love that we can especially understand during this time of global crisis.

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