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Introducing Strange News!

Hello and welcome to Strange News!

We are introducing a new platform under Strange Films that will allow us to further connect with our fans and new friends out there. Just recently, we decided to close the doors on our sister publishing website, El Burrito Blog, which served as a media outlet for aspiring Creators in the music, art, and film world. This site published reviews, articles, podcasts, videos, and more, hoping to connect and collaborate with others and help each other grow in this wide world that is full of endless amount of content that is being created every day. It has, and always will be, our passion to celebrate and support independent creators work.

And that is what we will be continuing to do with Strange News.

To keep things simple for us, we have merged both platforms together so we can continue sharing Creators work and stories through the Strange Films channel as well as have this serve as an official blog for updates, behind the scenes thoughts, and personal writings reflecting our work. As we continue forth, we hope you will follow along and STAY STRANGE with us.

More to come soon!

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