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Interview with Actress Maryann Fisher

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

We interview the award winning actress Maryann Fisher and speak with her about her pursuit in acting, being a brand ambassador, and her involvement with Strange Films!

Maryann Fisher has spent a majority of her life pursuing the creative arts between modeling, singing, acting, stage performance, and an active brand ambassador for companies. In recent years, she has had roles in major commercials, TV shows, and indie films. One of her most recent endeavors was our short horror film, Happy Mother's Day, which she won Best Actress for her role as Samantha.

Watch the Interview here:

Watch Happy Mother's Day here:

A few additional notes from another interview with our writer Blake Hall and Maryann:

“If you love what you’re doing, you aren’t working a day in your life” - Maryann's personal favorite quote

What are some of Maryann's inspirations going into acting?

Maryann considers her family to be her primary inspiration for her desire to act. She continues to be very close with them as she grows in her career. She has been spending all of her time of quarantine with her family. She really looks up to her mother, who she cites as always being willing to go the extra mile for those that she cares about

One of Maryann's most memorable experiences in her career?

Maryann cites her experience of working with August on Happy Mother’s Day as one of her favorite moments in her career. She loved how professional and fun environment of the set. As well as how fast it went!

What is important to have for this career?

Maryann believes that it’s important to always carry a positive energy in not just her work but her entire personalty. Having a bubbly and inviting personality goes a long way, especially in acting

One of the best parts about being on set?

Being in a film crew is always an interesting experience. You bond well with your film crew. It’s like a gathering that’s half professional/half family.

One of Maryann's proudest moments?

Earlier this year, she drove all the way down to Knoxville, Tennessee from West Virginia to receive an award for best actress for Happy Mother’s Day.  That was one of the most proud moments in her career so far

Maryann is open to working on many more Strange Films productions in the future, stay tuned for more work from her!

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