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"I Believe In Love" (2020, Tommy Grasley)

Tommy Grasley is a Canadian singer/songwriter with a message of love and peace to express. In Gunn’s newest release, which came out on Valentine’s Day, expresses years of internal struggle to offer a musical journey which consists of love, hate and anger alike. The entire album is a telling of his personal journey.

The opening track, “I Am”, is an eerie a cappella opener to the album. The song is essentially a confession from church. “Strange” is an exploration on times and how they change. This is a blast of a garage rocker, with some particularly strong guitar and bass work. “Frayed” is a song which hones in on the nature of everyday stress. The song is very raw and impactful. It even has a massive guitar solo.

“Haters” is a wonderful song about sticking true to your guts in the face of criticism. “Sonnyfoxdale” is a nice jazz instrumental break. I greatly enjoy the saxophone work on this one. “Love Conquers All” is a strong pop rocker which serves as a testament to the power of love. “Baby Xo” and “Gone” are both rockers about the ups and downs of a romance. “Jct 66” is a heavier moment on the album, with his heavy and sludgy guitar work. “Richard” is a mid tempo blue ditty which gets into a guest performance from Del Rio. “I Am (Reprise)” concludes the album on a reprise of the first track of the album.

I Believe In Love is an expression of wonder and amazement, which these guys succeed in delivering through its hard rockers and softer moments. It’s strongly an album worth checking out!

For more information about Tommy, his music, videos, and more, check out his site below:


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