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Hello My Name Is (2021, Ella K Sol)

With an increasing growth in popularity amongst pop fans, Ella K Sol is out with her debut EP release, "Hello My Name Is". Ella has the kind of voice that is instantly captivating and difficult to ignore. From a young age, Ella realized she wanted to be a storyteller through music. She was heavily influenced by jazz as well as Queen, The Beatles and Ella Fitzgerald. When one is seeking an expression of inspiration and motivation, look no further than here. On her debut, Ella shines with a strong amount of soul to the messages of her songs.

In "The Great Mistake", Ella tells a story of newfound freedom after experiencing an affecting heartbreak. Although it isn't immediately apparent, the end of a relationship that wasn't meant to be can lead up to a wonderful gift of awakening.

"This song reminds me of all the teen movies where the girl falls for the bad boy and comes out bigger, better and stronger.", says Ella.

"Time Capture Picture" features an emotionally charged moment that is primarily driven by its repeated piano note. A minimalistic approach towards piano can make for such a great pop hook, as seen on songs like "Runaway" by Kanye West.

"This song is about someone who was a very significant part of your life, but as time keeps on, they become a blurry image of what once was.", says Ella.

"7'11" is Ella's anthem to female empowerment. It's a song that manages to take on themes of gender divide and the nature of men sometimes having an inability to listen to how women truly wish to be treated. This song has a great ability to take on themes of female empowerment without screaming its "feminism" nature too abrasively.

"No one should ever base their self worth off of someone else's opinion because you're the only one you're going home to at the end of the day. You have to be able to look yourself in the mirror and be happy with that person." says Ella.

"Hard To Be Good" is a funk groove, which features the grittiest moment on the EP. Here, Ella sings about the unfair judgement we often place on others and how to stay on track with ourselves.

Ella may still be in high school, but this EP makes it clear that she is a promising young artist. She has spent most of her youth perfecting her understanding of the craft and she is sure to win a crowd over with youthful delight and a unique take on the pop genre. Based on the quality of this EP, she has a bright future ahead of her!


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