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Fear No Empire Debut EP

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Fear No Empire is a band which primarily consists of members from the punk band Zebrahead. The group consists of rapper Ali Tabatabaee, bassist Ben Osmundson, guitarist Dan Palmer and drummer Mike Cambra. This is a group which isn’t afraid to get down with their political expression, which is primarily the aspect which sets this band apart from Zebrahead.

“At a time when the whole world seems to be on edge, as we battle not only the COVID-19 global pandemic, but also civil unrest, Fear No Empire have formed to use our voice to help shine a light on issues of social and racial injustice. These songs are our protest.”- Ali Tabatabaee

It is especially surprising to hear the band take on a political EP, considering that Zebrahead wasn’t slightly concerned with politics. Tabatabaee purely expresses that he does care about a revolution. The entire EP is essentially about the nature of starting a fresh revolution. There are many lyrics which even use the word. A band which they are comparable to is Rage Against The Machine. Ali Tabatabaee carries the rapping energy of Zach De La Roca while Dan Palmer continues the tradition of Tom Morello’s guitar work.

The flow of the EP is incredibly strong, retaining a consist high energy. “Revolt” kicks the EP off with high energy. With its direct message and a scream for a revolution, the song instantly kicks off the tone of the album. “Amplifier” is another rocker which confronts the state of racial hatred we’re currently in. “Destroyer” slows the pace down just a tad as it observes the current crisis and situation in America. “Super Spreader” picks up the pace once again. This song particularly carries the sound of a sped up Rage Against The Machine song. The song even starts with a sample voice criticizing wearing masks.

“We created a parody video that takes punches at some real serious things happening in America right now with the pandemic, racial protests and the upcoming presidential election. We hope that people enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it!”- Ben Ozz.

“Feed The Pressure” keeps the momentum strong as it contains eccentric guitar work reminiscent of Tom Morello. This also has my favorite rap flow from Ali. This would have to be my favorite on the EP, as the unique energy especially stands out here. The riffs are heavy, its fast paced and the beats are punk. This is a great summation of the entire EP. “On Fire America” closes the EP on a high nite. Comparative to the rest of the album, this song doesn’t have as much emphasis on the lyrics but more on the instrumentations. This one is more upbeat and a stronger head banger as it begs for a revolution.

“When we decided to start a new band, we knew how important it was for us to use our platform to call out injustice and help bring positive change to the world, we hope it resonates with people and inspires them to use their voice”- Ali Tabatabaee

During this pandemic, it’s nice to see bands and artists coming together to produce great art in this time of tragedy. The EP is relatable to what this country is currently facing. As it begs us to stand up and keep moving despite our frustrations.

Listen to Fear No Empire here and on all streaming platforms!


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