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"Can't Let The Bastards Win"- The Johnson Party

Although protest songs have always been around, now is the time for a worldwide awakening. At the height of the 2020 global pandemic, social unrest is at an all time high. “Can’t Let The Bastards Win” is ultimately a modern protest song which celebrates love and positive thinking towards a brighter future for the world. It’s the artistic connection and love for nature which bonds this group together more than anything, as they fuse reggae, rock, Americana and soul.

“We wrote this song because we believe in the underdog, says Erik Johnson. “It is not inevitable that we destroy the planet. It is not inevitable that the bad guys win. We believe in love over money. We believe that getting outside into the wonders of nature is a path to understanding the things that are more important than materialism, things such as community, fresh air, dancing, music, family and good friends. While we believe and celebrate honored traditions, festive customs and honored culture in general, we believe there is always a potential for a better way forward than going back. It is not inevitable that the bastards win.”

Behind the music and search for social change, these guys can generally be found skiing, hiking and involving themselves into environmental projects. “Can’t Let The Bastards Win” is a relevant protest song, which celebrates love and positive thinking.

Watch the video here:

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