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"Doomsday Noises" (2020, Sons Of Silver)

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Over the summer, California based band Sons Of Silver released their latest EP “Doomsday Noises”. Frontman Peter Argyropoulos is backed up by some incredible musical talents, who were all previously featured in relatively big bands. These include Dave Krusen (the original drummer for Pearl Jam), Adam Kury (bassist for Candlebox) and Kevin Haaland (former guitarist for Skillet). It also features Keyboardist Brina Kabler, which rounds out for a fantastic set of musicians coming together here.

The songs were written and recorded before the COVID crisis occurred, but one would never know it based on the lyrical content. This EP is incredibly prophetic towards how this year ultimately progressed as it expresses issues of social divide and outbreak.

The EP kicks off with “Rude Awakenings”. This instantly starts things strong with an anthemic tone, as it begs for a revolution. The songs are about the decay of everything around him and the harsh ways in which he's been impacted. Kevin Haaland’s guitar work instantly kicks things off to a strong start. “Outbreak” comes next, as it continues the anthemic tone of the opener track. The distorted guitar riff is catchy and lively as it’s complimented over a similar beat. The song has a grunge tone to it, especially with the gritty and slightly raspy vocal performance.

“Deep Division” keeps the energetic flow of the EP consistent, as it progresses the energy of the first two tracks into a more melodic direction. The guitar work is slightly more in the background in contrast to the distortion of the previous two songs. However, the slightly softer tone fits the song wonderfully; it's incredibly compelling. This is a great song and is my personal favorite moment of the EP. Also a special shoutout to Adam Cury's incredible bass work here.

“Read Them Their Rights” brings back the more aggressive tone of the first two tracks. In fact, I believe it's the most aggressive moment of the entire EP. This one has a wonderful blend of aggression and melody. The guitar drives things forward strongly, but not once does it ever come off too flashy or over the top.

“World On Fire” concludes the EP with another guitar driven track. The aggression is a bit more balanced; as it expresses an acceptance of the situation with an understanding that we must move forward, no matter what unknown darkness lies ahead. I absolutely loved diving into this band and their wonderful conscious expression of pure rock and roll. It greatly reminds me of the more recent Pearl Jam albums, another band who is great at taking on relevant societal issues without sacrificing the purity of great songwriting and musicianship.

The lyrics to this song really speak for us as a band. We write and create our music, collectively.  We celebrate collaboration. We’re careful to be inclusive and open to all thoughts and ideas. We embrace our differences.  We respect and protect each other no matter how much we might disagree. We move forward together. We’ve learned that division is very destructive, and it begins when listening ends. So, we’re always listening.”- Peter Argyropoulos

Sons Of Silver is a band who sparks an energy of rock and roll at its purity. The EP does a wonderful job at keeping a sense of consistent energy. I am looking forward to hearing what these guys do next!

The band is doing a livestream on October 29th at 7:00 PM Eastern Time. Be sure to check stream Sons of Silver on Spotify and all streaming platforms.

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