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20/Twenty (2020, Jehry Robinson) Album Review

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Jehry Robinson is a 32 year old rapper, singer, songwriter and producer who resides in Brooklyn, New York. Recently through the record label Strange Music, Robinson has just released his first full length debut, 20/Twnety.

The musical influences for this album are very large. Ranging from Bob Marley, Eminem, The Beatles and The Doors; Robinson is striving to find his own unique voice within his influences. “Daylight” kicks off the album, which features a guest appearance from Tech N9ne. The beat is woozy and instantly starts the album off with strong production. “Follow My Lead” is a song which gets into being out of control with oneself and assessing the worst that can come out of it. It is backed by a wonderful trap beat. “No Refunds” surprises us by taking on a full on reggae sound. This one is more optimistic, as it’s all about making the most out of our time in this world. “Earthquakes” is a song about being homesick. It’s backed by a tropical sounding beat. “Daddy Issues” is a song which involves Robinson being present for his niece. It’s a wonderful acoustic instrumental.

“You’ll get the happy side. You’ll get the depressed side. If there’s a reggae vibe or rock energy, that’s just how I felt that day. That’s the blueprint of what 20/Twenty is, I’m leveling up this hybrid and bringing it to the next plateau.”- Jehry Robinson

“In My Feels” is a smooth beat which involves Robinson reflecting on his own inner demons. “Reservations” continues the reggae touch, as Robinson tells a friend about a possibility of staying with him. “Mind Your Business” is a song about desire for others to stop being so nosy. The instrumentals are fantastic on this track. “Impatient” is about being just that. This one also has a strong beat to it. “Gas In The Tank” is about the fuel Robinson is taking in now that he has been signed with a major record label. The beat is aggressive here. “Walk Away” is about the empowering feeling one gets as they walk away from the things that holds them back. This one is a wonderful celebration of life.

“Michael” is a tearjerker tribute to Robinson’s cousin, who passed away from drug overdose. “Closer To The Sun” is a wonderfully playful summertime groove. This one has a great feel good charm to it. “Torture” is about feeling walked over. The rhythmic sections of this song are hard to resist. “Ego” is a song about remaining humble when you’ve made it big and not letting ego’s get to the best of us. The instrumentals sound tropical here. “Ritual” features a collaboration by Joey Cool, which is about spreading love. “Lights” is a love ballad dedicated to Robinson’s manager and wife, Tara Ennis. This one is lovely.

“Backburner” is a jazzy song which involves Robinson singing about how everything is beginning to fall into place. “Disagree” features a collaboration with Cozzy Sutra; the song involves the two singing about their own issues and how they want their significant others to understand. The song has a fantastic piano loop melody. The final track on the album, “Foresight” is a song about others wanting to mess with Robinson now that he’s made it big. The album also includes a bonus track, “Say Less”, which is a clap back to all of the nonbelievers and showing how far they’ve made it at this point.


The album does a fantastic job at offering a musical experience with great variety. It’s also a very open and honest record; Robinson nakedly puts his personality into the album. It's an album entirely worth diving into, and it'll be exciting to see how Robinson's music career evolves over the next year!

Listen to 20/Twenty here:


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